How to Get Started in RevOps

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Hi there 👋

We’re so excited that you want to get more involved in RevOps. It’s a space we really believe in and is growing so quickly.

When we think about becoming a great RevOps professional, there are 4 core capabilities or skills to focus on: StrategyToolsInsights, & Enablement. You do not have to be an expert in all of them, but should have an understanding of each. No initiative or team is successful without all of them.


These are good places to work on your Strategy skillset. We encourage you to continue your journey – learning from others and seeing how they prioritize the right work. There are many communities for Revenue Operators you can look into:

Some helpful content around how RevOps teams are structured and their thought-processes:

RevOps by Role is Go Nimbly’s foundational resource for our revenue operations framework. It is a guide to our overall RevOps approach and thinking.

Gap-First Thinking for RevOps Teams  is about taking customer-centric approach to revenue operations that allows teams to prioritize the highest impact work, improve the buying experience, and maximize the LTV of every customer.

**Github Labs** also has team charters that are interesting.

Tools Expertise:

If you are early in your career, creating some depth in a typical tech stack is a great place to start.

We focus in the SaaS industry and they typically have CRM (Salesforce – primarily), Marketing Automation (Marketo, Hubspot, Eloqua, Pardot) and CX Platforms (Gainsight). These are good places to start because they are the hubs of most other tools/processes. Each tool has their own hub for learning!

Some good trainings:


Sales Enablement has blown up over the past few years. If you are motivated by enabling others, seeking opportunities to define systems and culture for teams, this may be a good place to double down on.

You can check out:


The best operators use data to make decisions. You can invest in skillsets around data visualization. One good place to start is Tableau. They do a fun contest called Iron Viz you can partake in.

As you consider metric reporting I suggest you lean on 3VC (volume, value, velocity, conversion) for any place in the funnel. You can get the basics of each one of those here.

You can learn about some core metrics here: