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Work with a Go Nimbly Certified Coach to up-level your skills, validate approaches, and get insight into how other high growth companies operate.

RevOps coaching balances core RevOps competencies with collaborative problem-solving focused on your real operational challenges. We’ll answer questions as they arise, prioritizing your long term, strategic development.


Making Long Term Architecture Decisions

  • Data & technical architecture review
  • Tool Recommendations and tech stack analysis
  • Solution Review and Q&A

Designing a RevOps Org

  • Make hiring decisions and get feedback on job descriptions and onboarding plans
  • Design an effective RevOps org (org chart & roles)
  • Make tough hiring/firing decisions

Skill Development

  • Up-leveling skills around: Strategy, Tools, Enablement, Insights

Creating a Roadmap

  • Recommendations on tooling and roadmap set-up
  • Design for roadmapping meetings and strategies to make the process sticky

Identifying and Prioritizing Gaps

  • Review pipeline metrics to identify gaps
  • Compare your current team and company to other high growth companies

Coaching begins with an assessment to identify strengths, understand your goals, and build shared context around the types of problems you are focused on as an operator.

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Based on your challenges and the work you do day-to-day, we’ll match you with a coach whose core strengths align with your needs.

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“Some of my biggest pain points were around how to prioritize and manage work, and Go Nimbly’s RevOps coaching has been transformative for me. Every time I meet with them, I come away with something I want to apply to how I work, how my team works, and how we can elevate each other.”

ANH Pham