Building The Go-to-Market Engine

Learning Hubs for Revenue Operators

When RevOps is implemented and teams are expected to just start magically increasing revenue, it can be a recipe for disappointment. While speed is definitely important, it won’t mean anything if you don’t have the right workflows and tech/data infrastructure in place.

These hubs, each built around a core go-to-market concept or function, will feature step-by-step build guides, case studies, industry data, and more, to help you design, build, and up-level your GTM engine.

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Upcoming topics include:
PLG/PLS, RevOps Intake Process, and CRM Data Infrastructure. 

Net Revenue Retention

Net Revenue Retention (NRR) is about to be the most important metric for SaaS companies. This hub has everything you need to know about how to identify upsell opportunities earlier and have the right conversations at the right time.


More and more companies are implementing a Product-Led Growth (PLG) strategy to remove friction from the buying process and meet customers where they are. In this hub, you’ll find everything you need to stand up your own PLG motion.


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