We’ll design & build the infrastructure your business needs to scale.

As tech stacks get more complex, data sets more disparate, and customer expectations increase, operators are tasked with projects that go beyond implementing workflows and technology. These initiatives challenge the existing architecture.

Our senior architecture team is set up to design complex solutions, including:

  • Initiatives that span across teams
  • Untangling years of tech debt
  • Implementing complex solutions
  • Designing your end to end data model
  • Integrating your core tools / your BI strategy

Technical Architecture Team

When recruiting and developing our architects, we focus on:

  • Technical Skills: Strong understanding of the tech landscape, integrations, data management and more. Many times that means a CRM, marketing automation platform, analytics, and more. 
  • Business Acumen: Deep understanding of the core processes from lead capture to renewal for high-growth companies. This spans from marketing/sales/CS through finance and product. Our team needs to gather requirements from multiple stakeholders and understand the complexities in their workflow.
  • Communication: When tackling complex projects an ability to align executives, translate technical requirements and articulate complex concepts and ideas to both technical and non-technical audience is imperative.
  • Domain Expertise: We believe that the best architects are generalists at heart, with a few areas of specialty. Our architects have depth in SaaS/high growth industries.


Our architecture team is made up of individuals who have been around the block. They each have 8+ years experience in the RevOps and technology ecosystem and specialize in designing scalable solutions that unify teams and data. 

Problems We’ve Solved:

Product Usage in Salesforce

Our customer had a lightweight product to Salesforce integration. Originally designed for the marketing team to segment, it needed to be redesigned for use by all GTM teams.

We designed a data model (no more random fields on the account) and created an easy-to-update integration.
The result was a GTM team with data at their fingertips, more relevant customer outreach, and better insights.

An account hierarchy for education

For our EdTech customers, selling is very complex. Typically, they’re not selling to a specific teacher or principal (though these personas are imperative for adoption and expansion), but instead an entire school or district. Territory management, adoption workflows, and integrations with billing are very complex. Our team designed and implemented an integrated account hierarchy that all selling and adopting automation is based on.

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