RevOps Hub: Net Revenue Retention

Net Revenue Retention (NRR) is about to be the most important metric for SaaS companies. Here’s everything you need to know.

Move over, top line revenue – the new north star for SaaS companies is NRR. As new business is harder to capture and scrutiny on profitability increases, operators are shifting their focus to retention and expansion of existing customers.

What’s a good NRR? Well, we’re always weary of general benchmarks, but we hate saying ;it depends‘ more. The ranges we’ve heard are a median of 106 and a high of 120. Remember, NRR includes not only retention but also expansion revenue.

And for those of you with large customer bases and big GTM teams, it’s time to invest in automation to help you identify those upsells.

Let’s leverage usage, intent, marketing interactions and demographics to show us the customers who need more of your product now.

It’s about time we focus on the thing that makes SaaS, well, SaaS: recurring revenue.

What we’ll
cover here:

  • Industry data and insights
  • How to automate upsell opps
  • A guide to helpful resources

How Intercom Increased MRR by Building a Self-Serve PLG Motion


The SaaS Operator Podcast: Upsells with TJ Chotalia & Jen Igartua

  • Using your ICP to identify target accounts
  • Automating upsell opportunities to generate more revenue
  • Managing customer complaints


We talked to Stephen McBride, a Customer Success leader at Hubspot, about the function’s integral role in maximizing Net Revenue Retention.

How do you know when a customer is upsell-ready?

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