Jen TJ Upsells Podcast

Jen Igartua

is the CEO of Go Nimbly, and an expert in Sales & Marketing alignment, customer experience design, and all things RevOps.

TJ Chotalia

is a RevOps Delivery Director at Go Nimbly, and an expert in building scalable processes and technology infrastructure.

Quick Takeaways

Importance of Customer Journey Mapping:
Understanding and mapping the customer journey is crucial. This involves auditing and analyzing a company’s go-to-market processes to identify areas for improvement.

Leveraging Data for Automated Upsells:
Utilizing available data and insights is key for automated upselling. Businesses should use their data to create opportunities and identify the right moments for upselling.

Aligning Sales and Marketing Efforts:
Sales and marketing teams need to work together to identify and capitalize on upsell opportunities effectively.

Utilizing CRM Systems:
The use of CRM systems like Salesforce, along with the integration of product tables and other tools, is essential for managing the upsell process.

Identifying Upsell Trigger Points:
Recognizing the correct trigger points for upselling, such as specific customer behaviors or usage patterns, is a critical strategy.

The Role of Feedback and Iteration:
Listening to feedback, especially from sales representatives, and iterating the process based on this feedback is crucial for success.

Customer Segmentation for Targeted Upselling:
Segmenting customers and focusing on high-value customers for upselling is an important strategy.

Tailoring Strategies for Specific Audiences:
For businesses targeting specific groups like developers, the conversation suggested adopting specialized strategies that resonate with these audiences.

Testing and Adapting Strategies:
Starting with pilot tests to refine the upsell process and adapting based on outcomes is recommended.