A comprehensive, multi-day workshop to identify top-of-funnel gaps, address silos on your team, and build a strong foundation for roadmapping.

We’ll work with your revenue team to map your customer journey, create a holistic list of gaps that your roadmap will tackle, and provide best practices around funnel management.

In this workshop you will:

Learn what causes Silo Syndrome, how to spot it in your organization, and how to combat it.

Identify and understand gaps that exist at the top of your funnel.

Map your customer journey from end-to-end using the 5 As

Learn how to support a unified revenue team.

“Following an acquisition, we wanted to deepen our understanding of the customer experience. Go Nimbly’s Silo No More workshop gave us the tools to do that, and we left feeling more aligned and unified as a team.”

Manish Patel
COO, Tier1