You wouldn’t trust a product team without a roadmap, and your RevOps team’s no different.

We all know planning is an important part of being a strategic team. Having a document that illustrates what you’re working on and why makes it easier to get buy-in for initiatives and stay aligned across teams and functions.

We know roadmaps work, so why don’t we use them? For one thing, as operators, we’re always getting pulled into the urgent work. This doesn’t leave much space for the important, strategic work.

Even once you do have your roadmap in place, it requires consistent maintenance and utility. It can be hard to stay accountable for keeping roadmap meetings and communication going.


What we’ll do

3 months to a functional, strategic RevOps roadmap

Our Roadmapping service gives you a jump start on either creating a roadmap or updating your existing process.

After one quarter, we’ll have your team running biweekly roadmap meetings, doing retros and bringing continuous improvement, and sending out consistent updates to the broader organization.

We do this by:

  • Kicking off with workshops to level-set with the people who will be part of your roadmapping process. We’ll also document the team’s baseline, which we can use to show how we’ve improved and celebrate at the end of it all.
  • Running working sessions to create a roadmap that accurately represents the work that’s already been prioritized, with key data points from our Roadmap Templates.
  • Running biweekly roadmap utility meetings to collect key updates and keep the roadmap artifact up to date.
  • Drafting roadmapping email updates after each biweekly roadmapping meeting for you to share with the broader organization.
  • Creating intentional space each quarter for roadmap retros, where we discuss the process and make changes for the next quarter.
  • Running a longer roadmap meeting once per quarter to plan for the next.