2 days to less lead leakage and more booked meetings.

A lot goes on between buyer awareness and actually booking that first meeting; 20+ tools, and almost as many processes and workflows.

In this workshop, we’ll break down your top-of-funnel, create efficiency, and remove the friction that’s hurting your conversions.

Get Started

What to Expect

In this 2 day workshop, we'll get together with your team and share everything we know about improving the buying experience at the top of the funnel. We'll look at your tech stack and your internal processes from awareness to meeting booked and, along with our partners at Chili Piper, help create a sustainable plan to fix your gaps.

Kick Off

Funnel Health Check

We'll do an assessment to establish your baseline top-of-funnel health, and talk about what needs to be solved over the next two days.

Customer Pains

What pains are your buyers feeling at the top of the funnel? We'll talk about how to create a frictionless, buyer-centric experience.

Awareness to Activation

We'll do some customer journey mapping, align on MQL definitions, and talk about lead scoring.

Activation to Acquire

We'll explore the differences between activity and intent, how to build trust and rapport with your customers by understanding their needs, and examine major handoff points (SDR to AE).

Finding Gaps

We'll identify data and/or tech gaps, and talk about how to address them. We'll also give you the tools you'll need to keep doing proactive gap-spotting going forward.

Next Steps