When it comes to describing a company’s culture, it’s easy to use the common buzzwords: Diverse, inclusive, dynamic, fun, passionate. Don’t get us wrong; Go Nimbly is all those things, but the thing that really drives our culture is our commitment to growth, both personally and professionally. 

Again, this is easy enough to say, but we have the goods to back it up. While all-hands meetings are hardly a rarity in this industry, ours are unique in that they skew away from typical stand-ups and more towards professional development and self-betterment. 

On-Deck: All Hands

On-deck is a company-wide meeting that’s held every Monday. This is generally a half-hour interactive presentation, given by our Chief Services Officer, Jen, or someone else on the leadership team. Topics range from new internal or client-facing processes, useful frameworks, lessons on specific revenue operations concepts, or anything else that helps us be more productive and impactful in our roles at Go Nimbly. 

“One on-deck covered “rep-ride” best practices. For the majority of our consultants, this was an opportunity to optimize the skills that they might have already had and for some of our internal folks, it gave them the ability to help contextualize an aspect of their colleagues’ roles. -Claire K., Head of Impact Services

Wins, Learns, Change: All Hands

Wins, Learns, Change—or WLC—is a group retrospective that takes place each Friday. It starts with the entire company getting together (in person or via Zoom) to acknowledge people on the team who have given or received tacos on Slack throughout the week. 

Afterward, we break up into smaller groups, which are assigned randomly and change every couple of months.  In these groups, everyone has a chance to reflect on what they see as their biggest wins, most important learns, and changes they’d like to make moving forward. WLC is specifically for personal reflection, as opposed to thinking in terms of your team or the company as a whole. We think it’s really important to have this time to speak with your peers and leaders about your week and acknowledge the things you’re proud of, as well as to open up about things that have challenged you. 
The ultimate goal of WLC is to promote personal and professional growth, while also giving everyone an outlet to be vulnerable and honest about the journey. 
WLC leaves room for failure. Constant, small failures are inevitable in this line of work, and WLC not only allows a safe space for that, it gives us an intentional space to learn from them and put them to rest. -Amanda, Program Manager

Nimbly Fridays: Bonus Professional Development!

Every day, there’s a ton of knowledge-sharing that goes on internally at Go Nimbly. A good portion of it takes place during team meetings or on Slack, and while we love that, we also wanted to put a process into place for people to share their expertise on a larger scale within the company. 

And thus, Nimbly Fridays were born. 

Anyone in the company is encouraged to submit a topic that they feel would be valuable to others, regardless of department or job function. Some, of course, will cater to a broad audience (e.g. anyone can attend), while others are more specific to people in certain roles. 

These sessions take place on Fridays, generally towards the end of the day. The organizer will give a presentation, which is often interactive, and use the time to teach a skill or process, explore a specific feature or action within a tool, or anything else that could be of value. Not only is this an efficient and impactful way to share knowledge, but it also helps to create generalists within Go Nimbly and aligns with our commitment to self-betterment.