RevOps As A Service

Personalized Plans to Uplevel Your Revenue Operations 

Included in Your Program

A Full Team

RevOps experts who will work as an extension of your team to design and build critical processes for your go-to-market functions.

Tool Expertise

Expertise in all the tools that make up your GTM tech stack, including: Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot, SalesLoft, Outreach, Chorus, Gong, Chili Piper, LeanData, and more. 

Custom Program

A program tailored to your specific business challenges, revenue goals, and customer journey(s).

Strategy & Tactics

Strategic and tactical implementation of RevOps, designed to transform you into a best-in-class RevOps team.

Ongoing Coaching

Coaching & consultation with our RevOps experts to build your team’s maturity in key skills. 

Consulting companies can be cagey about their pricing. We won’t be.

Our plans start at $19,500 per month with an annual commitment and go up from there.

Breakdown of Offerings 

The RevOps Fundamentals

RevOps fundamentals are the core capabilities of a RevOps team; however, because these activities are important, not urgent, they are often deprioritized. To build a strong foundation for your operational strategy, we’ll look at your funnel metrics, stress test your processes, and build a roadmap that prioritizes your highest-impact work.

3VC Benchmarking

Analyze your pipeline metrics, benchmark against industry ideals, and measure the impact of workstreams over time.


Create a visual statement of intent based on your highest-impact gaps to act as a source of truth for your team.

Durability Testing

Stress test your operational processes and proactively identify gaps before they show up as pipeline trends.

Project Hours

These are the hours we’ll spend executing against the operational workstreams laid out in your roadmap. This work will address gaps we’ve identified throughout your buyer journey. 

Some of the tools we work with:

    • Salesforce
    • Marketo
    • Hubspot
    • SalesLoft
    • Outreach
    • Chorus
    • Gong
    • Chili Piper
    • LeanData


  • MQL Definition
  • Lead Handoff
  • Source Tracking
  • Outbound Sequencing


  • Auto Renewal Processes
  • PQL Identification
  • Product to SFCE Integration
  • Sales to Onboarding Mgmt.


  • Lead Assignment
  • Opportunity Stages
  • SDR to AE Handoff
  • Activity Tracking


  • Deployment Practices
  • Tech Stack Maturity 
  • 3VC Reporting Process
  • Governance Process


We’re big believers in self-betterment and the value of sharing knowledge. Throughout each month, our RevOps consultants lead training sessions ranging from hands-on tactical tool reviews to high-level framework labs.

As part of any RevOps as a Service plan, you and your team are invited to join as many of these trainings as you’d like. Here are some examples:

Skill: Roadmapping

How to Build a Roadmap That Sticks

Skill: Lead Routing

Build VS. Buy

Skill: North Star

Define What Aligns Your Team

Skill: Design Thinking

Design Thinking for Revops Teams

Skill: ADAPT Framework

Establish a User First Movement

"We have worked with Go Nimbly for several years on both small and complex implementations. As our company has grown, we found ourselves needing to scale our programs and increase operational efficiency. We’ve relied on Go Nimbly to help with our lead management, system configuration, data cleansing, email builds, and much more."

Jen King | Vice President, Engagement Marketing • Zendesk

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