5 weeks to a scalable RevOps strategy.

Go Nimbly’s RevOps Accelerator is an instructor-led program where you’ll apply proven frameworks to design and build your own winning Revenue Operations strategy.

Ultimately, we want you to leave with a structure that scales, a vision for your team, clarity on the work your team is doing, and confidence that it’s truly impacting revenue.

Who is this course for?

This course is for operators or leaders who have influence over Revenue Operations at their organization. A core component of the program is the completion of exercises and deliverables that may be difficult to complete if you are not a leader in your department or participating as part of a team.

Common goals for learners include:

  • Implementing a new org structure
  • Prioritizing work based on impact to the business
  • Getting buy-in for RevOps as a strategic function
  • Scaling and maturing a RevOps team

Topics we’ll cover:

  • How your team is structured, where to invest and where to outsource
  • The framing of RevOps as a strategic function to your organization
  • Creating and maintaining a roadmap to align your team
  • Prioritizing the right initiatives to create revenue impact for your company
  • Identifying the silos you currently have across tech, data, and people

About Go Nimbly

We’ve been scaling high growth SaaS companies for almost 10 years. In that time, we’ve stood beside our customers through multiple IPOs, $1B valuations, and more re-orgs than we can count.

We’ve seen sales teams grow 5x in a year, tech stacks get redesigned for scaling needs, and strategic pivots halfway through the year.

Basically, we know what it takes to be a world-class operator and how to build scalable, high-performing RevOps teams.

Our Approach

We believe the best operators are design thinkers, and we use those principles to train operators that not only know how to
execute RevOps work, but also how to get to the root of a problem and elevate the story.

While breaking down RevOps frameworks, you’ll also learn how to apply design thinking principles to help you:

  • Get closer to your customer and user
  • Identify and understand your knowns
  • Deploy fast tests to uncover your unknowns
  • Prioritize the work that matters
  • Prototype to scale

We’ve coached operators who now run some of
the industry’s most admired Operations teams:

How it Works

Each week, you’ll receive learning resources that focus on a core RevOps topic or skill. These materials will support an assigned prompt that you’ll work on throughout the week.

You’ll join us for live trainings where we’ll dive further into that week’s topic and/or skill. Each session is led by a subject matter expert and includes time for an open Q&A with the session facilitator.

Every Thursday, you’ll join a 2-hour instructor-led working session where we’ll build on what we’ve learned during the week and complete exercises that you can take back and use with your team.

This course was designed for RevOps leaders with busy schedules.
To get the most value out of this program and see its full impact, please be prepared

to commit a minimum of 5 hours per week to sessions and coursework.

Course Breakdown

Week 0: RevOps & Silo Syndrome

What is RevOps and why do fast-growing businesses need it? Through this pre-course work, you’ll learn what causes Silo Syndrome, how to spot it in your organization, and ways to combat it.

Week 1: Org Structure & Team Design

We’ll dive into how to structure your organization, study different types of org chart models, and identify common risks and challenges that come along with each one. We’ll also complete a skill mapping exercise and discuss when to outsource, when to hire, and what to hire for.

Week 2: Gap Identification & Prioritization

We’ll break down the different types of gaps that exist within a business and how to identify them. Using that knowledge, you’ll create and analyze your own list of gaps that will become the foundation for your roadmap.

Week 3: Process Design & Testing

The less fire-fighting you need to do, the more space you have for innovative work that will take your business to its next inflection point. In week 3, you’ll form hypotheses based on your gaps and learn to design your own durability tests that you can run with your team.

Week 4: Building a RevOps Roadmap

We’ll break down the foundations of roadmapping and discuss how to prioritize when everything seems important and urgent. You’ll also learn what it takes to build a dynamic RevOps roadmap and determine what tools your team needs to get started.

Week 5: Planning & Executing Work

We’ll define milestones to keep your roadmap initiatives on track, and dive deep into how to maintain your roadmap through utility. This week will also focus on using your roadmap to tell a story, how to balance shifting priorities, and how to make these processes sticky.

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