Roadmapping Best Practices

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For teams who are new to the whole RevOps Roadmapping thing, we’ve compiled this list of best practices to help you master the process, build your maturity, and stay focused and aligned on the highest impact work for your business.

What are the Traits of a
Best-in-Class RevOps Roadmap?

best in class revops roadmap

Leveling Initiatives

All the items that make it onto your roadmap should be at the same general level. If you have some items at a task level and some that are high level outcomes, it makes it difficult to track progress effectively and maintain a balanced approach. It can also be demotivating for the team to feel like roadmap items are either so granular they’re not making a real impact or so high level that they’re unattainable.

Definitions of Done

When you put an item on your roadmap, you should also clearly define what needs to happen for it to be marked ‘complete.’ Not only will this help keep the team aligned on exactly what is being done, it will make the initiative generation process more intentional by requiring each person to think through each item and better gauge whether the timeline is realistic.

Ownership & Support

In addition to assigning an owner to every roadmap item, you should also have a documented support team to help drive the initiative forward. The item’s owner is still the one responsible for providing updates and making sure everything gets done, but this way those supporting the initiative know what to expect and can plan accordingly.


Utility is the key to maintaining a healthy, dynamic roadmap. Establishing a weekly meeting is the first step to building this muscle, giving the team a place to review progress on roadmap items, flag possible risks, and ask for support if needed. Have someone take notes on everyone’s items and use those to communicate progress to the larger organization.   


Have someone on the team take notes at every roadmap utility meeting and then have someone else send out an email to the wider organization with highlights and important updates, plus a link to the roadmap itself in case people want to dig deeper.