Roadmapping Basics

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What is a RevOps Roadmap?

It’s a visual statement of intent that revenue teams build, maintain, and utilize to keep everyone focused and aligned on what work is being done and why. Before being added to the roadmap, each item is prioritized based on its predicted impact–this is what makes a roadmap a strategic resource, as opposed to a task list or backlog.

revops roadmap example

Why do you need a RevOps Roadmap?

You wouldn’t expect a Product team to operate without a roadmap, and RevOps isn’t any different. In addition to increasing visibility across the organization, an effective roadmap acts as a source of truth that helps teams align around shared goals.

Who should be involved in building the RevOps Roadmap?

Anyone responsible for driving operational and go-to-market initiatives forward. These are the people who will own items and ultimately handle the maintenance of the roadmap and helping communicate updates to the wider organization.

Why do so many RevOps Roadmaps fail?

Most often, it’s a lack of utility that sinks a roadmap. In order to be valuable to the team, your roadmap needs to be revisited and updated consistently. Once it becomes static, it becomes useless.