Welcome to the How We RevOps Podcast. If you’re looking to go grow your company or career in RevOps, this is the place to map out how to get there. Here, you’ll find clear, actionable strategies, candid points of view, and a healthy dose of reality.

“Aligning your go-to-market teams and the tech behind them is easier said than done. In this podcast, we talk about how to actually get there.”

Adam enright, host

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Kristi Park, Director of Marketing, Go Nimbly

episode 1

What is Revenue Operations?

It’s here – Episode 1 of How We RevOps (HWRO). Kristi Park, Director of Marketing at Go Nimbly, and I take a back-to-basics approach, breaking down the concept of RevOps.

Guest: TJ Chotalia, Delivery Director, Go Nimbly

episode 2

How to Set Up and Maintain a RevOps Roadmap

Tj & I talk about how to be less reactive and create more time for RevOps innovation with a Roadmap. We also cover how to start the process and keep it going.

episode 3

How to Identify Gaps to Map Your Customers’ Journey

In this episode, Nikki Mitchell and I provide actionable frameworks for breaking down your customers’ gaps across the 5A’s (Aware, Activate, Aquire, Adopt, Advocate).