Quotes from the Go Nimbly Team

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From your the mouths of your future colleagues

We asked the team why they joined Go Nimbly, why they stay, and what makes us different. Here’s what they said: 

I joined Go Nimbly because I was interested in being part of helping business and improve their customer experience in order to scale. The reason why I stay is because it’s such an incredibly supportive environment, and I really love working alongside people who are so smart, so kind, and also so passionate about the work that they do.

Nikki Mitchell, RevOps Delivery Director

I joined Go Nimbly years ago because of their vision and commitment to breaking down silos in organizations and doing the impactful work. Being able to work with different people and platforms gave me priceless insights on how organizations operate and how to improve myself and skillsets. I’m here because it’s a constant journey or learning and development and Go Nimbly is a great place that fosters that.

– Darren Luong, RevOps Consultant

I was looking for a space in which I could contribute the variety of skill sets I have been able to build up over the years. Go Nimbly, acting as generalist operators of revenue, was a perfect fit for this. Some days I am working with executives to structure their RevOps team, prioritize the right work, and identify customer gaps. Other days, I am working with some of the best architects to build and solution common technical or process challenges. What really keeps me here, though, is the people and our culture. We are able to show up as humans and laugh a lot, which makes each day a pleasure.

TJ Chotalia, RevOps Delivery Director

After my first interview, I could tell Go Nimbly was a great company with an amazing culture and I was not disappointed. I have a SaaS background (I worked as a Software Engineer building a product) and now I’m enjoying being a consultant so much that after six months as a part time contractor I decided to join full time. In my time here, I have learned how to work with a whole new methodology.

Aleli Sanchez Mendez, revOps Consultant 

You’ll never get bored with the type of work we do, as there is a ton to learn and you get to experience exciting challenges/problems to work on very regularly. The culture, supportive teammates, focus on employees’ professional growth, and experience of working with a variety of SaaS companies makes Go Nimbly unique!

Rupinder Kaur, Head Of Delivery Operations

It’s important to me to build a company where we are treated like adults (because we are). That means the freedom to manage your schedule, the environment to show up as yourself (show off those tattoos, tell those bad jokes), the support to have a bad day, and the space to learn something new. That drives me every day.”

Jen igartua, ceo