Go Nimbly’s Interview Process & Timeline

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We work hard to make recruiting predictable. Below are some benchmarks for you to see what the timeline is likely to look like. 

Much of this timeline is also influenced by you and your schedule. Your availability greatly influences when we can schedule interviews, which may slow down the process. From speaking to you the first time to an offer could be as little as 9 days.  

* Keep in mind not every position requires a challenge call. usually just our more technical

Intro Phone Screen

For the phone screen,  you’ll work with someone from our amazing People Ops team. They’ll look to understand your background and what you’re looking for from your next career move. This is also a chance for us to tell you about the role and our company. Come with lots of questions! 

This is usually about 30 minutes over a zoom video call. 

Technical Interview

The technical interview is an interview between you and someone from the team you will be joining. They will go more in depth in your skillset to understand if it aligns with the role. Here is a good time to ask specifics about your day to day. 

This is usually about 45 minutes over a zoom video call. 

The Challenge

For some of our positions, we have a short challenge. This could be a case study or a coding challenge (take home or meeting depending). We do this to see how you approach work and see you shine. We want you to succeed and will help along the way. 

Group Presentation

The group presentation is an onsite with a panel. Usually there will be 3-4 people also in the room. They will range from individuals from the People Ops team, to your hiring manager, partners of Go Nimbly and consultants. 

The interview has a few steps:

1. Introductions from everyone in the room. 

2. Your presentation with Q&A about the topic [we will advise you on what to pick]

3. Feedback from the panelists

4. Open Q&A from the panel about you as well as you for us

5. Casual Personality Quiz (don’t be scared, it’s fun)

This is usually about 90 minutes onsite or via zoom call if you are remote.

Reference Checks

After the group presentation, we ask that you provide us 2 professional references for us to call. Ideally it is at least 1 manager. 


You’ll receive an answer back from us with an offer. We’ll answer any questions and look forward to you joining our team. We get a lot of candidates. Many times when we do not extend an offer, we come back to those individuals and hire them at a later time. We are growing 2X year over year, so our team is always expanding.