A Sneak Peek into Go Nimbly’s Culture

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We have 4 values that we live and promote at Go Nimbly: 

1. Be a Leader

2. Show your Work

3. Take it to the Finish Line

4. Value the Long Term Over the Short Term

One way we live these values is by sharing tacos with our colleagues. Not real tacos, (though we do love those, too) but the Slack emoji variety. This is a fun way of showing public appreciation for one another and acknowledging specific instances in which we live our values daily. 

As you collect these tacos, you might wonder what to do with them (since they are, unfortunately, inedible).

Good news: You can actually trade them in for gifts & experiences, in our very own taco store! Full disclosure: we got a little quirky with our rewards – it was a Friday afternoon and a group of us got together to brainstorm prizes and build the taco store together.

When we built the store, we wanted to promote:

  1. Health and wellness: You’ll see gift cards to places like ClassPass and equipment.
  2. Ongoing learning: We believe in having a growth mindset, so we have rewards like museum memberships, masterclass credits, audible subscriptions.
  3. Unique leadership activities:  We never want leadership to feel inaccessible,  so you won’t see lunch with the CEO as a reward.  (Just ask her, she’ll take you.)  Instead, you’ll see rewards like a trip to a cat cafe or a custom portrait drawn just for you.
  4. Team activities: On top of our usual team outings, we have team rewards like having a mariachi band brought to the office, massages, wine & design, and escape rooms!

The taco store is a way for the company to show appreciation for everyone, as well as showcase our culture and promote our values. It’s a fun peek into our company and a way for you to get to know us a little better.

After all, we believe the recruiting cycle is just as much about Go Nimbly extending an offer as it is about you feeling confident taking it.

Here, start shopping for your faves:

Get Smarter by listening to books! 

Make your coworkers eat whatever you want! 

Stay at somewhere on earth that doesn’t serve you breakfast! 


Drink furry coffee! 

Support your colleagues and protect your head!