FAQs for Interviewing at Go Nimbly

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What are the Go Nimbly values?

Go Nimbly has 4 key company values. You should see your revenue operations consultants living them every day. 

1. Be a Leader

example: Make sure that everyone around is following the process.

2. Value Long Term Over Short Term

example: Don’t build anything that will not sustain the growth of the company–even if it works today.

3. Show Your Work

example: Back up your recommendations with reasoning. 

4. Take it to the Finish Line

example: Nothing is valuable if users are not enabled to use it.

What are you looking for during the interview process?

Other than relevant technical skills, we are looking for people that will thrive here. We have values (above) that are threaded through everything we do. 

You believe in self-betterment. We’re looking for people who are always striving to be better. Whether it’s by knowing and working on your weaknesses, reading new books, exploring new concepts, or learning new skills, we are passionate about always pushing for growth. 

You work well with others. We collaborate. A big part of the revenue operations methodology is the ability to work cross-functionally in order to create the best possible product. We not only need to respect each other and be good teammates but also understand that professional development and growth is everyone’s responsibility. If you want to join Go Nimbly, you need to be someone that wants to help make others better. 

You are dependable. We work mainly in team environments, and we expect everyone at Go Nimbly to meet deadlines and be skilled communicators. We base a lot of our principles and processes on Justin Kerr’s book, ‘How to be Great at Your Job’.  Consider reading it (it’ll be required anyway and will help you at any job you end up at). 

What if this doesn’t seem like the right place for me?

Talk to us. We want you to be candid. Don’t be afraid to let us know what is holding you back. It may be a misunderstanding, or we may have ideas of some companies that would be a better fit. Be honest, because the interview process is as much for you as it is for us. 

Will the interviews be aggressive?

No. We’re on your side, and we want you to do well.  We will tell you along the way what we’re looking for and will help you through the challenges and presentations. We want our interview cycle to be a reflection of our company, so you can get to know us.