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Founded in 2019, Realm’s mission was to help homeowners get the maximum value out of their home. In the last 3 years, the company has had to react to not only the market and culture changes brought by COVID, but also changing interest rates as they expand into new markets. 
Customer sign-up happens primarily through Realm’s app, which immediately provides data-driven advice on maximizing your property value. From there, Realm leverages their partner network to provide home design and building services. This process typically starts with a deposit and a facilitated experience with their network of designers and architects. This means the GTM team must not only manage a deposit sales flow, but also multiple project funnels. 
Realm was at an inflection point; they had been running their business off of spreadsheets and Airtable. Metrics were difficult to pull and sellers were spending valuable selling time manually tracking data. The fear was that this would not be a scalable process for managing deposit and project flows and would lead to lost revenue. 


We partnered with leaders at Realm and made the decision to move the company onto Salesforce. Because their team did not have internal resources specializing in RevOps technology and architecture, we focused on expediting decisions that would scale for the company. 

Problem Areas we Focused on

  • Designed opportunity data model to support a deposit sales cycle process
  • Implemented SalesLoft to increase conversion from deposit to project 

Solutions Used

“In our weekly coaching meetings we were able to be decisive and make fast decisions on how to build and implement our process and systems, track key customer data inputs to optimize our funnel, and how to best prioritize our backlog. And we did this in a way that allowed us to balance short term goals while keeping in mind long term scalability without the need for multiple drawn out meetings.”

Amberly Jones, Director of Marketplace Revenues


A scalable data architecture (through the deployment of Salesforce), a sales team working within one platform, and an ability to report on the health of the business. All this led to more data-driven decision making on new processes, which increased the conversion rate of meetings to deposits by 5%. 

Key Technologies