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FireHydrant is changing the way engineering teams react to incidents.

FireHydrant, led by Robert Ross, is aiming to change the way engineering teams react to incidents. FireHydrant is an incident management tool that integrates with companies’ existing tech stack and helps them recover from IT disasters more quickly. 

Born out of the pain Robert was feeling as an engineer, the company’s start was the stuff of movies: friends starting a company out of their apartment and growing to 100+ employees and counting. FireHydrant works with incredible customers of all sizes, such as Outreach, Bluecore, Twilio, Spotify, and Lemonade. 


FireHydrant is a developer-first company, which comes with its own unique marketing and inbound challenges. Because engineers want to see the platform, research, and have access to the documentation, all signs pointed to a free trial and product qualified lead process. With the strategy clear, the next step was giving their team the infrastructure to support a new way of selling. 


We implemented a data model within Salesforce, integrating BI data via Segment, that tracks not only information for the free trial product offering, but also captures the users themselves. This instance-user data model is not just a scalable, best-in-class solution, it also enables the team to identify signals from product usage with customized notifications. This identifies PQLs from trials and growth opportunities for existing customers, all while  fostering alignment between the product, sales, and customer success teams. 

Solutions Used


With Slack-integrated notifications, the sales team is able to address the needs of customer and potential new customers much more efficiently. Additionally, the RevOps team now has the ability to report on key customer usage metrics, such as number of incidents and incident responses, customer product integrations, and number of users per instance. 

Key Technologies