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Bloomreach is the backbone of brands you know and love.

Next time you’re buying new kicks with Puma, channeling your European fashion side at Desigual or getting your schools supplies at Staples, you can thank Bloomreach for a personalized buying experience. Their eCommerce platform combine the power of product and customer data to create unique browsing experiences. The product manages all things from search and merchandising, to engagement pre and post purchase, to content creation and personalization. 


One of Bloomreach’s challenge is tracking their customer’s usage to understand when there may be an upsell opportunity. The best indicator of growth for Bloomreach is an a customer hitting certain limits. Bloomreach was missing great sales moments to discuss growth because the sales team was missing the insight to know what their customers were doing within the platform. 


We built a process that auto-creates upsell opportunities within Salesforce when a customer hits usage thresholds. The process runs daily to check whether usage data has exceeded the limits of a customer’s plan. If so, we will check to see if there is already an open upsell opportunity being worked. If there is an opportunity created, we add a line item to increase the limit that has been exceeded and if there is not an opportunity, we create that opportunity and add the line item and alert the salesperson to begin that cycle. 

Capabilities Used


An increased volume of upsells occurring with existing customers, as well as an increased velocity to growth (these upsells used to happen primarily at renewal conversations). 

Tech Stack