Amanda Northcutt

Interim COO

I have a deep background in revenue strategy creation and implementation for online recurring revenue businesses, with an emphasis on SaaS. I started my career in sales at age 16, have started and run 4 businesses, ran revenue (before it was called that) for 10 years at the top collegiate sports website in the world, consulted for Universities and organizations on 6 continents, and acted as a fractional executive for multiple SaaS companies.

I’m most passionate about growing leaders and helping people reach their full potential. In my role as Interim COO, I work to make sure that what Go Nimbly does, and how we do it, provides maximum value for our clients, our clients’ customers, our team, and the greater RevOps community. I’m unwavering in my desire to make people feel seen, heard, understood, cared for, and known. I’m also a process nerd and can’t live without lists.

Outside of work, I love spending time with my husband and son, cycling, mountain biking, hiking, skiing…basically all the mountain sports, SUP, and traveling.