Here’s the thing: 
Revenue operations isn’t just an org structure. It’s more than just a monthly meeting with your revenue team. Best-in-class RevOps means transforming the way you think and work.

We believe in customer-first operations.
That means examining the buyer journey from end-to end, looking for moments where operational gaps are causing friction for your customers.

RevOps Fundamentals combines gap identification through 3VC analysis and durability testing, benchmarking your revenue health against industry ideals, and building a strategic roadmap to keep your team focused on the highest-impact work.

  The Story

We created RevOps Fundamentals because we realized companies are failing to implement revenue operations on their own.


They have the talent and the great product, but they’re missing the essential foundation they need to build a best-in-class RevOps function.

We’re gonna change that.

, RevOps Fundamentals, Go Nimbly
, RevOps Fundamentals, Go Nimbly

3VC Analysis

Here’s where we study your pipeline to identify trends that indicate existing gaps in your process.

 We’ll use our 3VC tool to take snapshots of every major stage of the buyer journey through your CRM to see how you’re performing across the key revenue levers: Volume, Value, Velocity, & Conversion.

In order to gauge progress, we’ll use benchmarking to:

1. Assess your current pipeline health compared to previous months

2. Measure your funnel metrics against industry ideals

3. Validate the impact of specific workstreams over time

4. Track your long-term RevOps maturity




Implementing a new tool or process?

Ask yourself these 3 questions first:

1. What exactly is the problem we’re solving?
2. What is the gap that’s causing the problem?
3. What change needs to happen to close the gap?

Durability tests are designed to answer questions you have about your operational process and find gaps before they show up as trends in your pipeline.

With durability testing, we will validate intuition and experience-based gaps and gain a full understanding of the problem space.

This is how we turn your unknowns into knowns and help prevent fires before they pop up.

, RevOps Fundamentals, Go Nimbly

The Question: Why are we seeing increased top of funnel leakage?

How Does it Work?

The Testing Process:
Step 1:
Shadow several different reps as they’re going through the process in question.

Step 2:
Document relevant patterns as they emerge, as well as any other gaps you uncover during your ride-alongs.

Step 3:
Use what you learned to answer your initial question and determine whether you need more data.

Step 4:
Once this item becomes a known known, it’s ready to be prioritized based on its impact
to 3VC.


Operational Roadmapping

, RevOps Fundamentals, Go Nimbly

Prioritize & plan your highest-impact work.

Once we’ve identified your gaps and calculated each one’s impact on your revenue, it’s time to build your operational roadmap.

This is where we take all the data gathered through 3VC and Durability Testing and turn it into an actionable strategy that will evolve along with your business.

In addition to serving as a constant source of truth for your team, your roadmap is a visual statement of intent that prioritizes improving the buying experience.

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