RevOps Accelerator FAQ

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Who is this course for?

This course is for operators or leaders who have influence over Revenue Operations at their organization. A core component of the program is the completion of exercises and deliverables that may be difficult to complete if you are not a leader in your department or participating as part of a team.

Common goals for learners include:

  • Implementing a new org structure
  • Prioritizing work based on impact to the business
  • Getting buy-in for RevOps as a strategic function
  • Scaling and maturing a RevOps team

This is a remote program. Live trainings and working sessions are scheduled with consideration to learners based in the Pacific, Mountain, Central, or Eastern US time zones.

Why do I need to apply?

The application allows us to gather key details about you, your team, and your org. One of the benefits of this program is the space it provides for peer learning. We’ve found the best outcomes happen when each cohort is made up of diverse backgrounds and industries but from organizations of similar maturity. A RevOps team of 1 will have very different questions compared to a RevOps team of 10 — balancing cohorts allows us to better facilitate the working sessions to meet each team’s needs.

How big is each cohort?

In order to provide the best learning environment during working sessions and breakouts, we limit each cohort to a maximum of 15 individuals. To ensure each cohort gets the benefit of group work, no cohort will have fewer than 6 individuals.

What is the Scholarship Program?

We have dedicated spots for individuals from underrepresented backgrounds in tech. Full tuition is covered for those accepted into the program. If you’re interested in being considered for our scholarship program, let us know by checking the box at the end of the application.