What is a RevOps company and how do we work? Here, we answer SaaS operators’ most asked questions about Go Nimbly.

On Remote Consulting


For the most part, the work our RevOps consultants do with your team will be remote. We have offices in San Francisco, New York City, and Chicago, as well as remote consultants in other cities, but we will always do our best to accommodate your working hours.

We enable our teams on effective remote work, giving them all the tools they need for frictionless communication with you and your internal team. We strongly promote on-camera video calls company-wide to help establish stronger relationships and give each interaction the full experience of a face-to-face meeting.

We’re big on communication, both internally and with our points of contact at the companies we work with. We believe in giving frequent status updates over the course of each workstream so that no one has to guess about what progress has been made or whether anything has affected the agreed-upon timeline. 

In addition to the usual channels (Slack, Zoom, G Suite), members of your RevOps team are able to travel every so often to work with you on-site.  


On Work Style & Partnership


Go Nimbly operates as a SaaS company as well, so in that sense, we already know the landscape. We believe in building professional development into each work week, giving each of our consultants the time to build upon existing skillsets and develop new ones.


We consider ourselves an extension of your team and will adapt to your work style, whatever it may be. We begin every new partnership by getting to know your business holistically, including all your existing systems and processes. This way, we can identify any gaps in your operations (and/or tech stack) that are showing up in the buyer experience.  

We believe in being bold in our strategies and statements, and will always seek to communicate in a way that is human–speaking a shared language internally and with your team.  


On Experience Levels & Team Structure


We believe in the power of generalists; people who have experience in many different areas when it comes to operating a business. Everyone at Go Nimbly is comfortable getting their hands dirty wherever they can make an impact, and leveraging other members of their team for support.

Needless to say, we use the RevOps framework to structure ourselves, too. This means that everyone on your team, regardless of discipline, is aligned to your company’s success. 


Naturally, each of our consultants brings different range of experience to the table. Each of our RevOps teams is made up of a Program Manager, an Engineer, a Sales Ops Consultant and a Marketing Ops Consultant. Collectively, we have completed over 1200 revenue-impacting workstreams. 


If it does happen that more specialized work is required, we can resource based on what you need and when.  


On Strategy, Execution, and Planning


The benefits of Revenue Operations stem primarily from its four central skills of Tools, Insights, Process/Strategy, and Enablement. As your RevOps team, we will use our holistic knowledge of your business to create a strategic roadmap, where each workstream is prioritized and scored based on its revenue impact. Through these impact analyses, we are able to execute the most important work first.


From there, our team will decide on and communicate an ambitious but realistic time estimate for completing the work. Throughout this time frame, you will be in frequent communication with your RevOps team, and will always be updated on progress and any possible changes to the timeline. We don’t do surprise overages, and we never will. 

As we move through your roadmap, we will also provide ongoing management of that document so it’s always current and reflects the real priorities of your business.